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Individualized materials for teaching Common Core skills

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aim to ensure that K–12 schools in the United States prepare every child for college or careers. Students need necessary knowledge and skills to be globally competitive.

Implementation of the standards is likely to be challenging. CCSS for English Language Arts set clear goals for student achievement but do not specify how to impart the skills. Teachers need guidance on how to restructure curriculum and plan instruction.

Reading Manipulatives products are comprehensive skill-development activities. The complete sets cover all aspects of targeted skills. Once students are introduced to the skills and shown how to do the manipulatives or task cards, they are able to work independently through the entire series. By the time they complete all the sets or cards, students demonstrate skill proficiency.

Data from learning-style research validates the efficacy of hand-on materials. The majority of individuals, regardless of age, learn best when actively involved. Student motivation is crucial to advancing skills, and engagement is necessary to sustain literacy activities. Research tells us that children are motivated by choice, challenge, success, and social interaction. Reading Manipulatives products provide all of these.

Reading Manipulatives has discontinued production of printed, laminated materials due to changing market conditions. Low-cost digital downloads of our extensively used and tested materials are now available. The PDF files include all manipulatives or task cards from each product. In some products, worksheet alternatives for manipulatives are also provided. Guides correlate skills to CCSS and contain teaching strategies, resource lists, and student recordkeeping checklists.