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Use Reading Manipulatives materials to differentiate instruction.

Provide worthwhile activities
Teaching reading has always been demanding because a typical classroom has several reading groups. Comprehensive sets of manipulatives or cards keep students productively occupied working on individualized activities as small-group or one-on-one instruction is conducted. The materials can be used in learning stations or students can select sets and work them at their desks.

Reduce repetitive preparation
The sets can eliminate boring worksheets and rescue teachers from repetitive preparation. Unlike worksheets and other random assignments, products cover targeted skills holistically and provide adequate practice to assure mastery. Also, eliminating cumbersome directions allows students to focus on skills.

Select & prepare sets
First teachers select products that meet developmental needs of students. Next, initial time must be invested in cutting and packaging sets. The sets replace expendables and can be used for years, so they ultimately save resources and teacher time. Products are printed on cover-weight paper, coded, and laminated.

Introduce skills & materials
Teachers familiarize students with the skills and materials format. Every set in a product is unique, so students work through a series over several weeks. In most sets, students can select, complete, correct, and record their activities. The hands-on activities engage students, resulting in significant progress.

Meet needs of all students

The ability ranges and diversity in classrooms continue to widen. These individualized materials allow students to be placed in appropriate instructional levels, all of which have similar appearances. The abundant practice each level affords allows students to advance. They work at appropriate levels in materials that interest them.

Foster student accountability
Active involvement builds accountability. In most sets, students can select, complete, correct, and record their activities. They are motivated to finish all sets in a series and achieve significant progress. Manipulatives promote cooperative learning and work great with tutors.