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Reading Manipulatives products support Montessori philosophy

Reading Manipulatives products are a natural fit for Montessori classrooms. Students work independently on materials that both challenge and engage them. The sets of manipulatives and cards develop all types and levels of literacy skills with intuitive approaches. Students of all levels enjoy the materials and are eager to work through each series. Our materials for older students are especially popular since few individualized, hands-on products are available for higher-level skills, such as vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Hands-on learning is essential because of the direct link between hands and developing brains in children. Most products are comprehensive sets of individualized manipulatives. Skills are developed in a manner that makes perfect sense to students.
  • Children flourish when learning is self-directed. Each product provides an adequate number of unique sets to assure mastery. Students select sets, work independently, check work with provided answer keys, and track their own progress.
  • Children learn through discovery at appropriate developmental stages. Multilevel Reading Manipulatives products allow for proper placement of students. The materials are non-threatening and carry no negative connotation for below-level students since all levels have a similar appearance.
  • Teachers observe and guide students. Reading Manipulatives products work best in a lab-like setting where students have choices. Once teachers familiarize students with the literacy skills and materials format, students work independently.
  • Traditional diagnostic measurements, such as tests or grades, are not necessary. Due to the interactive, visual nature of manipulatives, it is evident how students are progressing. Teachers can move students up or down in level or offer individualized instruction.
  • Multiage groupings encourage social and learning interactions. The sets of manipulatives are both visual and fun. Students naturally assist one another as needed.