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Wall charts remind students of capitalization & punctuation rules.

These readable, accordion-style wall charts summarize the capitalization and punctuation rules. They correlate to Reading Manipulatives Capitalization/Punctuation A and B skills cards, but can be used independently.

In order to make the charts as readable as possible from various vantage points in a classroom, the text in both the rules and examples is quite abbreviated. If teachers discuss the rule cards as they are introduced and posted, students will better understand them.

Consider posting charts in stages after mini-lessons related to the rules. Correlating them to lessons helps students to reference the charts as needed. There are so many rules and charts that students may not be efficient at finding what they need if they have not been familiarized with them in stages.

Charts remind students of the rules and help them apply them in all their assignments. They also demonstrate that these skills are valued and expected. It is easier to demand that students use proper capitalization and punctuation if they have reminders of the rules readily available.

Printing & assembly
The capitalization and punctuation charts are in separate files. Additionally, the charts in each file are grouped by odd and even numbers. If you print odd numbers on one color and even on another, the rules are more readable on the wall.

The capitalization chart file has 6 pages of odd numbers and 6 pages of even numbers. The punctuation chart files has 8 pages of odd numbers and 8 pages of even numbers. Additionally, due to the uneven number of pages (17 total), it has one page that contains rules 33 and 34.

Each sheet contains two rule cards. Make a horizontal cut to separate the two cards. The lower right-hand corner of each card has a code to denote set (C-# for capitalization, P-# for punctuation) and sequential order. Once the cuts have all been made, arrange the cards for capitalization (1-24) and punctuation (1-34) in order.

Turn the cards over. Use two to three strips of tape on the backs to hold the cards of the accordion together. Leave enough space between the cards for them to be folded into a pile for storage.

The cards can be grouped into sets in order to fit your wall space. Punctuation charts should be grouped by punctuation marks. Place the card with the mark name at the top, followed by the rules for that mark.

Download Capitalization Charts

Download Punctuation Charts