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Fun pictures to sequence build language and story-telling skills.

Sequencing pictures that convey stories are ideal for language development. The 12 sets are about children and humorous happenings in their lives. This makes the activity especially engaging, which in turn leads to greater conceptual growth.

Even young children should understand that stories follow a pattern. At the most basic level, they should recognize that stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Characters are involved in the action of a story, and there is a setting where it takes place.

Children must analyze the 4 illustrations to ascertain what the plot of the story is. This necessitates figuring out the order in which the events depicted in the illustrations occurred. They must have time concepts of first, next, last, before, and after.

Left-to-right progression is another concept that young children may still be mastering. Repeatedly laying out the cards in order from left to right will reinforce this concept.

Download 12 Story Sequencing Sets

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